Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pats 10, Broncos 3

I'm playing the good, all-American boy tonight, having my father over for pizza and beer and football. But its not real serious football watching: like I told Fast Eddie there will be a lot of 'yellin, laffin, drinkin, fartin'

I went out to Flatbread last night w/ Marnie and down-stairs-neighbor Jaimi. We met up with a bunch of Marns old friends including some guy who plays music professionally and is opening for Dr. John soon (a real character, he says)
Jaimi and I flirted all night, but then JB went home alone and pissed like always.

Most of today I've spent in bed, except for a quick jaunt to doughboys to eat way too much food with Shaun and Jessie and Yanni. But I got a sweet bag of day-old coconut doughnuts for a buck fifty. I'll probably take another nap before my Dad gets here, I sill have one of those behind the eyes slightly too much beer and wine last night headaches.

Well, I don't feel as bad as usual about wasting today because I have the next two days off. I'd really like to hang out with Tanner and Todd and Ben+Angela and all the rest of my NM related friends tomorrow and watch a movie or something. Sound good? Someone call me or leave me a blog response. I know this is no 'Highgate' but I'm doing my best here!!



Anonymous said...

i wish i could hang out jb! -mjy

Anonymous said...

hi jb! i think some ladies are going to see brokeback mountain at some point. so far zero boysIImen have showed an inkling of interest. ben tells me he might meet up with brian at finnigans to watch the steelers[?]. ah many's my favorite day. call us or we'll call you or something...
word, bird.

Animal Parade said...

yeah, man,
bareback mnt with the ladies?!

we're setting it up when i get back from lincoln this afternoon (around 4 pm). let angela know if you wanna be in da phone tree.

the le duo said...

yeah, bb mt sounds cool. i am ok enough with my sexuality to be only slightly aroused by this movie

Animal Parade said...

Ok here's the plan:

5 pm reading and dinner at Emily's (74 King)
bring drinks, stuff for sandwich bar, whatever if you want
6:45 brokeback mountain

afterward, maybe cookies