Thursday, January 19, 2006

All you wanna do is just ride around Sally...

Man, classic R&B is takin a real hit lately, first Lou Rawls and now Wilson Pickett!! I sure am glad James Brown will live forever. We have the technology, we can make him funkier and immortal. Everytime one of these old timers die it makes me realize that all the music I really love and listen to all the time is by artist that are either dead or real old. There are so few bands today that I like or give a crap about. I mean, who is suppose to fill Wilson Picketts shoes, Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmunds? Usher? Terrance Trent d'Arby? Even TTD'A is probably 50!!! We need some new non rap-infused R&B that looks to the old days, raw-funky-sexy-dirty-sweaty-hot-damn!!



Tmoore said...

one word for you


(or is that one and a half.)

have you seen that video... with the abs?

Anonymous said...

Do you like good music
That sweet soul music
Just as long as it's swingin'
Oh yeah, oh yeah

Spotlight on Wilson Pickett
That wicked picket Pickett
Singin Mustang Sally
Oh yeah, oh yeah

greg davis said...

d'angelo has been off the map for awhile.
all that Nu Soul stuff is too smooth. we need some nasty raw funk soul singer that eats gravel for breakfast.

i think the key to james brown's longevity is the cape. every time they cover him up, he escapes thru a trap door and they bring in a slightly younger james brown for the next show. thus allowing him to live at least twice as long. that didnt make any sense at all, unless you believe in cloning.

Julius said...

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