Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Who? Who?

At first I was just kidding, but now that I’ve had all night to think about it, I REALLY think the Seamonsters (or at least the Nest Materials) should go to Hooters. Ok, whoa, gimme a second. Hear me out. First of all, the famous wings. Wingy wing wing. Who doesn’t like wings? Secondly, I heard the vegan and vegetarian food was to die for! And they put ginger on everything! Tube Tops! Ok, I made some of that up. But ladies, like half-drunk Ben said last night, I went to Brokeback Mountain with you, you can come to Hooters with me. Mandy seemed into it. What a trooper!

So, when shall we go?

Boobily yours, jB


Anonymous said...

i already went to hooters 11 years ago with my high school boyfriend. i've got nothing more to prove.
love, michelle

Anonymous said...

I'll go again. I went for the grand opening and the food was decent. Also, here's the low-down:

because it's an opening most of the staff is "imported" from Atlanta and Florida to help train -- and they are actually some of the best servers I've had at a restaurant, aside from being some of the best looking too. The catch is that the imported training team (of really hot and sweet/caring girl servers) are only here til Tues. then the regular staff will run the place themselves (oh by the way, that regular staff includes Steve Henry's girlfriend)

In any event, if you go let me know, the wings are good and so are the $1.99 curly fries :-)

Tmoore said...

Boobies. ok, i'm in.

the le duo said...

thanks for the low down...who wrote that?

the le duo said...

ah, yes michelle. but could you really grasp all that hooters has to offer at a mere 15 years old? :)

Anonymous said...

I was actually just at the Hooters in downtown Atlanta a month ago or so - that was some pretty fine talent.

-Brian S.

Anonymous said...

to jb:
probably more so then, since i ate chicken at the time.

Animal Parade said...

i'll go.
i'll do anything.


greg davis said...

my mom and aunt could probably give me advice on the hooters experience. theyve gone before. ive never been.